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tim li is a designer based in los angeles and shanghai.

tim draws reference from culture and history to reimagine opportunities. from ideation to the final outcome, he is interested in crafting visual stories that fuses aesthetics, graphics and emotion. he strongly believes that his role as a designer is to create thoughtful, well-built objects that reflect today and last tomorrow.


winsor & newton (no direct affiliation)
re: cosmetics
product/sustainable design

extended cradle to grave

a cosmetic line that focuses on the tangibility, longevity, and sustainability of the products by making them refillable, reusable and recyclable.

founded in 1832, Winsor & Newton has been the reliable companion for all artists for almost 200 years. however, as the market slowly reaches saturation and more people going the digital route, i’m tasked to look for new markets that would be suitable for the brand to expand into and reached the conclusion that the cosmetics industry would be the perfect next step.

first of all, the manufacturing method for paint and for cosmetic products are almost exactly the same, here’s a peak of the production process:

secondly, the cosmetic market has been expanding and will keep expanding in the foreseeable future. with some brands reaching the male market already:

lastly, there’re tons of problems with the current cosmetic industry: wasteful production, irrational consumption, misleading appearance, the list goes on. it’s the perfect time for Winsor & Newton to come in and disrupt the market:

with insights gained from research, criteria slowly formed to guide the design process:

personalized product: 
people often have too many cosmetic products because they need different color options, but they don’t necessarily need them everyday. the new design allows them to get only one container and fill it with the color they want to wear.

extended cradle to grave:
with the design of two upcycling systems in place, the process from cradle to grave to extended. and the process is beautifully captured in the new materials created along the way, for our customers to cherish.

gender inclusiveness:
designed towards a gender-inclusive future, the form language of the new line stays away from female figures and instead use geometry in a subtle way that invites everyone to use.
rewarded responsibility:
true movement towards sustainability can only be achieved when it benefits all parties. and thus a rewards program is designed to encourage consumers use, clean and return finished containers for more.

the making process